Glycan Group

Since 1996 Glycan Group is present in Europe, North America, China and Africa where the group owns several companies and subsidiaries.

The group is mainly active in four areas in which the representative companies are:

Glycan Industries Ltd. UK - Pharma Division
(with Glycan Shop) specializes in manufacturing and marketing for private and professional natural products. The range of products offered by the company includes nutritional supplements, trace elements, beauty creams, gels Organic Silicon, Silanols, natural detoxification and many others. Glycan Shop / Pharma Division has developed over the years a special expertise in the field of organic silicon products. This positioning allowed the company to stand out as a strategic actor in this sector based on an internalized production and good management of own distribution channels to its market.

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Glycan Finance Ltd. UK -

Company specialized in the management and implementation of "joint ventures" between different International Institutions of private research and / or Governmental mainly oriented Space Research and development of mining extraterrestrial resources including belts of asteroids, planets and their satellites in the solar system.

Glycan Finance Ltd is considering the establishment of a new "currency" of independent industrial nature .

This new financial instrument is envisaged since 1982 in the wake of the report PERT, sent to JPL JET PROPULSION LABORATORY (Dr Wolfgang.H.STEURER and Dr John.R.CARRUTHERS - NASA by Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun REF. 354 381 020

This new "currency" will be directly or indirectly linked to a new legal status (LEGAL) being prepared by international institutions in order to apply in the Extraterrestrial environment and Deep Space within the framework of its operations.

Glycan Extraterrestrial Mining for Diamonds and Strategic Resources Ltd UK.

Company specialized in mining in the Extraterrestrial framework DEEP SPACE.
Glycan Industries Ltd. UK (Holding) is a section of research and development, mainly active in the environmental, energy and medical. Some advanced work and the subject of patents are available on the website.

Glycan Pharma North America Corp. Canada deploys the same activities throughout the North American Continent .

Glycan Group Holding HK Ltd. (Hong Kong), China develops the same activities on the Chinese mainland.