Green Nature chart


The Label "GREEN NATURE" responds to a philosophy: NECESSARILY OWN

Indeed, certain products made from wild plants, harvested in protected areas, are often cleaner than organic grown in highly polluted areas plants.

Therefore, building on its experience of over twenty years in the field of atomic analysis and equipped with the latest generation of our laboratory equipment grants this label to products to meet the specifications below:

. Absence of pesticides
• Absence of dioxins
• Absence PCB (s)
• Absence furans
• Absence of chemical fertilizers
• Absence of synthetic molecules
• Absence of GMOs
• No chemical preservatives ( parabens, etc ...)
• Absence of products derived from petrochemicals
• Absence heavy and toxic metals

This label may be awarded in the following categories:

Production of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
• Production of essential oils
• Productions hydrolats
• Productions cosmetics
• Production of food and dietary supplements
• Productions from Fair Trade chains
• Fruit Productions and legumes