Glycan Finance

Glycan Finance Ltd. UK -

Company specialized in the management and implementation of "joint ventures" between different International Institutions of private research and / or Governmental mainly oriented Space Research and development of mining extraterrestrial resources including belts of asteroids, planets and their satellites in the solar system.

Glycan Finance Ltd is considering the establishment of a new
"currency" independent of financial terrestrial markets.


This new financial instrument is envisaged since 1982 in the wake of the report PERT, sent to JPL JET PROPULSION LABORATORY (Dr  Wolfgang.H.STEURER - Program Director, Extraterrestrial materiels processing - and Dr John.R.CARRUTHERS - Director materials processing in Space - NASA Headquarters  Washington , report forwarded by Dr. Christian Daniel Assoun REF. 354 381 020)

This new
"currency" will be directly or indirectly linked to a new legal status (LEGAL) being prepared by international Institutions in order to be applied to Extraterrestrial environment and Deep Space within the framework of its operations.